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SAVersatile and stackable, these blcoks offer functional, multi-use possibilities at all levels and can be used in the formation of steps, stairs, pyramids, raised stretching platforms, awards podium, location stations, obstacle courses and more.

Red (CSB-2)or Multi-Colors (CSB-3N) available

Overall size:
24" w x 48" L x 24" H

Consists of:
3 - 24" W x 16" L x 8" H
2 - 24" W x 24" L x 8" H
1 - 24" W x 48" L x 8" H

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Spotting Block (CSB-1)

With a surface that is extremely firm and stable and a larger area for spotter movement, this block is consturcted of high-density polyurethane reinforced on four sides with cross link polyethylene for maximum support.  Sturdy handles facilitate movement around the gym.

20" W x 60" L x 24" H

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The Trapezoid is perhaps the most versatile piece of equipment in your gym from preschool to developmental vault.

The CVB-1 and CVB-3 are constructed of high density polyurethane foam with 2" polyethylene reinforcement for maximum surface stability.

The CVB-2N is constructed of high density polyurethane foam only.

Velcro flaps securely hold the sections together.

Handles are double stitched and reinforced with cotton duct to eliminate stress.

Trapezoid (CVB-1):
Ideal for spotting, conditioning, vaulting and recreational programs.
Comes in 4 sections, Blue & Red
36" W (at base) x 48" L x 48" H

Junior Zoid (CVB-2N):
Smaller and softer than the Trapewzoid and ideal for Pre-School.
Comes in 3 sections, Blue, Aqua & Purple
30" W (at base) x 36" L x 36" H

Tri-top Trapezoid (CVB-3):
The top section of the original 4 section Trapezoid is split into 3 sections, all velcroed together.
Comes in 6 pieces, Blue & Red
36" W (at base) x 48" L x 48" H

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Handspring Trainers

Available in 4 sizes to assist basic handspring training for a wide range of ages. Constructed with high- density polyurethane for support and in 18 oz. vinyl for durability.

Four Sizes Available:
32", 36", 40", 44"

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Incline Mats

Available in four sizes, Inclines are an essential aid for teaching basic forward and backward rolls and inverse moves such as cartwheels and round-offs. It is also the perfect compliment to numerous other shapes in obstacle courses and circuit work. Place two together for different activities up one side and down the other. Lay it on its side for pathways in obstacle courses or up against a wall to teach handstands.

Four Sizes Available:
24" x 48" x 14" Royal Blue/Yellow
36" x 72" x 16" Royal Blue/Aqua
48" x 72" x 16" Royal Blue/Pink
60" x 84" x 18" Royal Blue/Light Blue

Folding Incline

This large, foldable wedge offers versatility for multiple skills.

Folds easily to 60" x 60" x 24"

Sturdy handles allow easy mibility around the gym

60" x W x 120" x L x 22" H

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Available in four sizes, Octagons are particularly suited for developmental gymnastics, balance and coordination. Teach walk-overs, forward rolls and arches or use it to straddle like a horse and rock side to side. Individual units snap together to build rows or pyramids.

Four Sizes Available:
15" x 24", Royal Blue/Yellow
20" x 28", Aqua/Purple

25" x 36", Pink/Purple
30" x 36", Royal Blue/Light Blue

Cradles and Drums

Cradles and Drums provide creative fun and are used for basic movement, gross and fine motor development, coordination and balance. Drums are excellent for training and tumbling, walkovers and handsprings. Cradles (sold separately) can be used to provide stationary support for the drums or used on their own for fun bridges and tunnels for preschoolers. They are a perfect addition to your obstacle course.

Sizes Available:
Drum 12" x 30", Red
Drum 18" x 30", Yellow
Drum 24" x 30", Royal Blue
Cradles - Pair, Red & Blue

Donut Halves and Stuffers

Available in four sizes, Donuts and Stuffers are a mainstay in every physical education, gymnastics, parks and recreation and physical therapy program. All three parts used alone or together are terrific for skill development, games and obstacle courses. Halves are perfect to encourage see-saw, rocking and socializing, particularly in ‘Parent & Tot’ classes. Or use the half to teach backrolls out of it. Turn it upside down for a tunnel, a climb over, or teach back walkovers off of it. Turn both halves on their side in an ‘S’ pattern and you have a really wide balance beam perfect for obstacle work. Use the full donut filled with foam as a baby pit. Use the stuffers to teach rolls & walkover skills and pushing races for toddlers.

Sizes Available:
15" x 48" Diameter 15" x 26" Diameter, Green, Yellow, Red & Orange
18" x 52" Diameter 18" x 30" Diameter, Royal, Light Blue & Red
30" x 52" Diameter 30" x 30" Diameter, Royal, Red, Yellow, Green & Orange
30" x 59" Diameter 30" x 36" Diameter, Royal Blue, Yellow & Red

Roller Tunnel

Not only is it great fun, it’s a progressive skill builder too! From toddler to preschool, children will delight as they strengthen crawling and rolling motor skills. Straddle it to practice balance skills. Roll, push, step and jump over the stuffer. Turn the tunnel on end and it becomes a target toss.

Roller 30" L x 22" D
Stuffer 30" L x 13" D
Multi colors

4' x 8' x 2"
5' x 10' x 2"
6' x 12' x 2"

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