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Performance Series Vault Table with Column Padding - 5001

The most functional table available! The new Performance Series Vault Table offers the widest range of height settings on the market with quick and easy adjustment.

Performance Series Fusion Vault Board - 5002-000

Fusion: The merging of different elements into a union.

Performance Series Vault Board - 333

New PeR (Positive energy Return) surface provides a faster, non-slip response. Improved surface pad is more forgiving for repetitive training. Designed to USAG, NCAA, NFHS and AAU specifications. Manufactured to FIG dimensional specifications.

Velocity Board - 334

Durability and Versatility. Interchangeable coil springs (red and blue) have all different tensile strengths, delivering great versatility for all ages and levels.

Jr. Accelerator Board - 334J

The Jr. Accelerator has near identical design features to the Accelerator. It's just a little less powerful for the lighter weight vaulter. it's a terrific board for light, quick response.

Little Thumper - 338

The perfect entry-level spring board.

Vault Runways

Sport Vault Runways are Manufactured with Resilient Trocellen Polyethylene Sport Foam Bonded to our Anti Static, Plush Gymnastic Carpet. Meets USAG, NCAA, NFHS, and AAU competition specs. Runways are 36" wide x 25m (82’ feet) long and in blue.

Vault Safety Zone

The Vault Safety Zone, surrounds the vaulting board, giving you a larger safety zone target area during round-off entry vaults. Breaks down for easy transport & storage.

Performance Series Round Off Entry Pad - 622

New PeR (Positive energy Return) surface provides a faster, non-slip response. Velcro hook on back to secure to runway. 1m x 2m x 2.5cm

Foam Table Trainer - CFT-135

The Foam Table Trainer facilitates skill progression training for gymnasts using the regulation Vault Table.

Level 4 Vault Mat System - 450

This 3 piece system meets all specifications for Level 4 Jr. Olympic Vault. The base pit is 5’ x 10’ x 32” and includes 2 additional mats 5’ x 10’ x 8" providing 32" 40" & 48" landing surfaces.

Performance Series Vault Table Base Padding

Base padding to be used with the 5001 Performance Series Vault Table.

Mounting Block

Shorter then conventional vault board. Firm platform for jump mounts.

BALANCE BEAM For purchasing information contact us

Performance Series ISL Competition Beam - 114

The Performance Series ISL Balance Beam (Crank) is the only one of its kind in the world. Adjustment just couldn't get any faster or easier.

Performance Series Flex Competition Beam - 112

The Performance Series Flex Balance Beam is a superb all purpose beam. Height adjustment is fast and secure.

12' Adjustable Competition Profile Beam - 118AA

Perfect for gyms with limited space. Identical adjustments to the regulation length balance beam.

Low Training Beams

Non-adjustable low legs on our Low Training Balance Beams allow a safe, easy transition from floor beam surfaces.

Just for Kids Low Training Beam - 355-151/165

Extra wide 8” surface for teaching beginner skills and building confidence. Excellent home balance beam.

Beam Surface Expander - 189

The Expander is an essential confidence builder in every gymnastics program. Balance and coordination are quickly mastered on this 8" wide surface. You can use it on the floor for your preschoolers and your kids will progress quickly and safely to the next level training beam. The Expander is comfortably padded and will quickly and securely attach to any F.I.G. spec. balance beam.

Suede Beam Training Pad - 190

This 6' long pad is renowned for its comfort and protective cushioning. It's constructed with 1 1/4" of shock absorbing polyethylene foam and covered in imitation suede. Fitting snugly around the balance beam top, it secures on the underside with webbing straps and buckle.

Rollable Floor Beam - 188F

This carpet covered foam surface is perfect for youngsters through to competitive training. It helps develop balance and coordination and is a great confidence booster for the little ones. Kids can progress quickly and safely to the next level training beam. 6" W x 12' L x 1 1/4" H

UNEVEN BARS For purchasing information contact us

Performance Series Uneven Bars - 5101

Unrivaled functionality and performance makes this set of bars a must have for every gym. New product adjustments and markings allow for the user to easily adjust the height and width quickly. Heavy-duty uprights are the strongest uprights available.

Uneven Pro Bars - 121PB

Pro Bars - the widest adjusting Uneven Bars in the World - allow taller and collegiate gymnasts to expand their skill level without fear of hitting the lower rail.

Performance Series Unevens/6-ACYSys Cable System

Eliminates Cable Tighteners. Requires only 36% of the usual floor space requirement.

Spotting Platform - 5173-003

Newly Designed Spotting Platform has an adjustable fold down Auto-Return and can be off centered by a single person operation.

Performance Series Single Bar Trainer - 228

"This bar is great for teaching skills at all levels for boys and girls. It is easier for a coach to spot and the bar provides excellent response for the athlete." Liang Chow U.S. National Team Coach

Maximizers - 124

If space is at a premium in your gym, think Maximizers – and save 40% of your existing floor space requirements!

Ultra-Flex Fiberglass Rail - P121-99A

Ultra-Flex Fiberglass Rail for use with Performance Series Uneven Bars, Uneven Pro Bars, Performance Series Single Bar and Universal Single Bar Trainer.

Steel Rail - P136-10A

Steel Rail for use with Horizontal Bars, Performance Series Single Bar and Universal Single Bar Trainer.

Wide Pirouette Bar - 166SW

Completely covers a 7.5´ wide mat. Great for training men and women for pirouette progressions and handstands on both Unevens and Parallel bars. Train more than one person at a time. Quickly moved to any area in your gym.

PARALLEL BARS For purchasing information contact us

Performance Series Competition Parallel Bars - 5161

Elite level gymnasts require greater stability and weight to execute the high level skills performed today. Smaller gymnasts need responsive rails and an extensive adjustment range to safely realize their potential. SA Sport Parallel Bars have been designed to accommodate different levels of expertise.

Foam Parallel Bar Trainers - 167

This multi purpose Level V11 equipment develops young, beginner gymnasts before they move on to the larger, competitive Parallel Bars. Trainers are constructed of high density polyurethane foam, encased on three sides with 2" cross-link polyethylene for maximum stability. Yellow bands indicate the rail area. Parallel Bar Trainers also make an excellent spotting platform.

Parallel Bar Rail - P164-99A

Replacement Fiberglass Rail

Steel Parallel Bar Trainers

Parallel Bar Trainers are available in 12", 18" and 24" heights. They are extremely stable but lightweight and easy to move. Complete with protective foot pads. A must for training and conditioning.

Heavy Duty Parallets - 166

Now more stable. Steel bases with fiberglass rail. Complete with protective foot pads.

Spotting Platform - 5173-003

Newly Designed Spotting Platform has an adjustable fold down Auto-Return and can be off centered by a single person operation.

FLOOR EXERCISE For purchasing information contact us
Coil Steel Spring Floor

Our Coil Steel Spring Floor is an original Spieth Anderson design using top grade springs and premier Russian birch in an overlapping configuration to eliminate soft spots.

Tri-Flex® Cube Floor

Foam cube springs provide a softer, more forgiving landing. Gymnasts find rebound more even and controlled. Many gyms experience fewer ankle, hamstring and lower back related stress injuries while training on foam platforms.

Flex-Cut Rolls

Flex-Cut Rolls are manufactured using the highest quality polyethylene foam and durable 26 oz. anti-static carpet. The Flex-Cut allows the user to roll the floor up without having to flip the roll, and finishes in a more compact roll than standard rolls for easier storage. State of the art water jet silts the foam every 4" and foam compression typically seen in roll mats is eliminated. Standard Stock color is Royal Blue. Red, Grey and Purple through special order. 7 Rolls Required for Standard Gymnastics Floor.

Standard Carpet Rolls

Twenty-five years ago, SA Sport pioneered the Rollable Free X®Floor. This floor is still the No.1 choice of gymnasts and competitive cheerleading squads in North America.

Perimeters/Borders/Floor Skirts

Perimeters, Borders and Floor Skirts.

F.I.G. Artistic Spring Floor

F.I.G. Approved artistic spring floor set. Set includes 14m x 14m (46' x 46') carpeted surface complete with velcro, foam perimeter and floor skirt. Floor deck is a combination of spring and foam cubes.

JUST FOR KIDS For purchasing information contact us

Just for Kids 4-Station Circuit Complete with Mats - 355-CS

SA Sport Just for Kids was the First and is still the best. "My recreational gym is fully outfitted with SA Sport equipment and I particularly enjoy the Just for Kids circuit... Elfi Schlegel.

Just for Kids Uneven Bars - 361

"We have a Just for Kids Uneven Bar set and we love it! It is the most catering preschool piece of equipment around for it facilitates learning new skills much easier and in a safer environment." Kenny and Beth Morphis

Just for Kids Parallel Bars - 360

"I encourage variety in all aspects of teaching young children gymnastics. Just for Kids provides just that... lots of variety and options for the instructor and students." Jeannie McCarthy, Preschool Director

Just for Kids Ring Frame - 363

" I have never seen my boys tot class get so excited about a piece of equipment." Natalie Smith. Boys Preschool Instructor. Height adjusts from 45" to 57 1/2"

Just for Kids High Bar - 362

"The SA Sport Just for Kids line is the best system that we have purchased for our preschool gym." Dawn Moore, Preschool Director.

Just for Kids Low Bar - 364

"...the best system that we have purchased for our preschool gym." Dawn Moore, Preschool Director. Just for Kids Low Bar with Fiberglass Rail

Just for Kids Cantilever Bars - 365

A terrific addition to our Just for Kids line for your intermediate recreation programs. Taking just 6’ x 10’ of floor space, the Cantilever Bars allow a greater adjustment and weight range than the regular Just for Kids Unevens.

Just for Kids Cargo Net and Slide Assembly - 355-190

Our Just for Kids Cargo Net & Slide is a fun way to conquer obstacles while working on coordination, balance and agility.

Just for Kids Rockwall and Slide - 355-400

Climbing & sliding are a great way to build confidence through developing gross motor skills and over all body strength.

Just for Kids Monkey Bar Assembly - 355-170

Our Just for Kids Monkey Bars are a challenging and fun way to develop grip and upper body strength.

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