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Multi Purpose Mat (GN 6016)

Multi-use mat is made of supple and shock absorbing foam, covered with elastic jersey. Adapts particularly well to beam usagebecause of its ability to fit different shapes.

3/4" x 38" x 55"

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F.I.G. Approved Competition Springboards (GN 2196, GN 2197)

Two styles available – Soft and Hard.

Frame stability provided by four anti-slip pads. Two carrying handles are incorporated in the frame, and four anti-slip pads provide frame stability. HDI = Homogen Dynamism Impact or consistent impact resilience.

The Hard Vault Board is for gymnasts preferring a firmer feel, and is fitted with 9 HDI tapered springs (Homogen Dynamism Impact = consistent impact resilience). The Hard Vault Board is distinguished with a red dot .

The Soft Vault Board is aimed more for gymnasts preferring a softer feel, and is fitted with 7 HDI tapered springs.

Dimensions: Standard 10”x 26”x 52” size board in curved multi-ply timber with integral reinforcing covered in a 2.5 cm carpeting mat. Weight : 55 lbs.

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Foam Learning Beam (GN3665A)

Comfortable and stable. Ideal for learning new skills.

The beams may be linked to each other by a velcro system.

250 cm L x 8 cm H, 24 cm width on floor; practice width = 15 cm

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Beam Training Pad (GN 3661)

Wrap around beam training pad. Secured with velcro. Provides softer surface to extend training sessions.

1" x 12" x 42"
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MIni Tramp (GN 5090)

Mini Adjustable Trampoline 38"x 47" (97 x 120) cm with a total top surface with a trampoline surface of 24" x 36" (60cm x 88cm).

Incline angle can be easily adjusted. Wheels allow easy transport. Rubber grips on bottom prevent slidingSteel frame covered with protective foam and vinyl cover.

Performance Series Single Bar Trainer - 228

"This bar is great for teaching skills at all levels for boys and girls. It is easier for a coach to spot and the bar provides excellent response for the athlete." Liang Chow - U.S. National Team Coach

Platforms both inside and outside of uprights on both sides with quick and easy removal of inside platform. Spinlock design provides fast and secure height adjustment.

70% reduction in floor space requirement for installation compared to conventional cable tie-down. Rail sold separately.

Easy bar height adjustment from 250cm (98 7/16") to 280cm (110 1/4") in 5cm (2") increments. Also adjustable from 130cm (51 3/16") to 230cm (90 1/2") in 20cm (7 7/8") increments.
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Vault Safety Zone - 5005-200

The Vault Safety Zone surrounds the vaulting board, giving you a larger safety zone target area during round-off entry vaults. The mat cannot and does not eliminate the possibility of a very serious injury during this particular vault. Constructed of an 8" combination of polyethylene and polyurethane foams for added strength and durability and covered with strong, 18 oz. PVC vinyl. Meets New FIG specification. Breaks down for easy transport & storage.

Performance Series Vault Table with Column Padding - 5001

The most functional table available! The new Performance Series Vault Table offers the widest range of height settings on the market with quick and easy adjustment.

Adjust the height of the vault from 100cm (39 3/8”) to 140cm (55 1/8”). New constant force spring base makes height adjustment quick and secure.

  • New PeR (Positive energy Return) surface for a faster, non-slip response.
  • Improved rebound and more forgiving surface for repetitive training.
  • Improved V-groove spin lock for better stabilization of unit.
  • The vault’s new base design has easy leveling foot pads for improved stability.

Designed and built to USAG, NCAA, NFHS and AAU specifications. Manufactured to FIG dimensional specifications.

Performance Series Uneven Bars - 5101-002

Unrivaled functionality and performance makes this set of bars a must have for every gym. New product adjustments and markings allow for the user to easily adjust the height and width quickly. No more reaching over your head or standing on a chair to adjust high bar height. Heavy-duty uprights are the strongest uprights available. High bar adjusts from 235cm (92 1/2”) to 265cm (104 3/8”) in 5cm (2”) increments. Low bar adjusts from 155cm (61”) to 180cm (70 7/8”) in 5cm (2”) increments. Width between the rails adjusts from 110cm (43 3/8”) to 207cm (81 1/2”) continuously. Cables attach to upright allows bar adjustment without altering cable length. NEW GSL snaplock ensures height setting is locked in place. Ultra-Flex 39 mm. rails included. Designed to USAG, NCAA, NFHS and AAU specifications. Manufactured to FIG dimensional specifications.

Spotting Platform 5173-003 (previously 5173-001)

Newly Designed Spotting Platform has an adjustable fold down Auto-Return platform. Platform can be off centered for easy access to the athlete under and over the bar. Height adjustment is a single person operation using a foot release pedal easy lift process. Platform is 21" W x 49" L and adjusts in height from 3’10” to 5’7” in 3” increments. It works with all SA Sport apparatus and is excellent for use over pits. Requires 4 anchors for installation.

Performance Series Fusion Vault Board

The new Performance Series Fusion Vault Board evolved out of 38 years of development. A single piece construction base eliminates distortion at impact allowing the board to maintain its structural integrity. This design radically reduces the bounce off the floor that other boards produce and ultimately results in more consistent and faster energy return to the athlete. A thinner flexible top along with high density XLPE foam reduces stress on the athlete by displacing the impact over a wider area and reference lines help the athlete identify the board’s sweet spot. The Board bottom is thicker providing less distortion, and the lower profile curve with cut-outs allow for easy access to center springs and carrying/moving. The new eight spring configuration with 5 spring “X” pattern at the back of the board gives it better response and a larger sweet spot. Additional details include: • Meets all USAG, NCAA, NFHS and AAU specifications. The Fusion Soft Board is FIG Approved.

Mounting Block 5006-000

Shorter then conventional vault board. Firm platform for jump mounts. Excellent for teaching approach technique. Ships UPS or FedEx.

PS Unevens/6-ACYSys Cable System - 5103-000

Eliminates Cable Tighteners. Requires only 36% of the floor space needed for a standard Uneven Bars installation. Two load binders for quick tension release. Adapts to most Uneven Bars.

Performance Series 6-ACSys Uneven Bars - 5101-012

The 6-ACSys Uneven Bars incorporate the 5101 Performance Series Uneven Bars with a six anchor cabling system, eliminating the need for cable tightners. In addition to the features and functionality for 5101 Uneven Bars, the 6 ACSys Uneven Bars requires 64% less floor space than the standard 13' x 18' anchor installation. Base anchor plates eliminate base movement and allow for the high bar to be used as a standalone single bar with the low bar removed. Two load binders allow for quick tension release. The 5103-000 6-ACSys Cable System retro-fits to the existing 5101 Performance Series Uneven Bars.

F.I.G. Approved Artistic Spring Floor Set.

Set includes 14m x 14m (46' x 46') carpeted surface complete with velcro, foam perimeter and floor skirt. Floor deck is a combination of spring and foam cubes.

Trampoline and Power Tumbling
Orange Athletic for SA Sport is a proud supplier of world class Trampolines, Double and Mini Trampolines and Power Tumbling products including all matting. Please contact us for full details.

Just for Kids Adjustable Monkey Bar Assembly - 355-170A

Just for Kids Adjustable Monkey Bars are a challenging and fun way to develop grip and upper body strength. The Adjustable Monkey Bar can be set at various heights ranging from 65" to 80". JFK High Bar (Item 362) sold separately.

Handstand Rebounder

Great for teaching handstands, piourettes and planches on uneven bar/high bar. Rebounder material is bungee cord covered with a foam backed carpet sleeve. Bungee cord can be tightened by the coach to the desired tension. Height of bungee adjustable to accommodate different size gymnast. Can be used in a single or a double configuration.

THE GYMNASTICS BOOK --The Young Performer’s Guide to Gymnastics, 2nd Edition by Elfi Schlegel and Claire Ross Dunn. Order online at or at your favorite bookstore. Paperback $19.95 (978-1-77085-133-7) OR Hardcover $29.95 (978-1-77085-160-3). FIREFLY BOOKS, 8 x 10, 128 pages This indispensable guide is simply the best book for beginners to the sport of artistic gymnastics. Illustrated with stunning full-color photographs of gymnasts balancing, tumbling and jumping, The Gymnastics Book features skilled guidance from a medal-winning, record-breaking gymnast who is now a noted instructor. The book is also filled with anecdotes and advice from Olympic stars, taking beginners behind the scenes and offering a no-holds-barred account of life as a competitive gymnast.

Parts for SA Sport Uneven Bars

Parts for the SA Sport 112 Balance Beam

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